Hiking in the Clouds

The rain wasn’t going to stop me from going on a hike – although maybe it should have. It was overcast in Sterling, where the lodge is located, but as we set forth towards the Chugach Mountains for a hike, it started to drizzle. We hoped it would not rain, but our hopes were dashed when we approached our destination with mountains cloaked in clouds. While it did not pour, it persistently misted and drizzled, making for a very wet trip.

DSC_0577The hike wasn’t long, but it was steep and strenuous with roughly 1300 vertical in about a mile. In the rain, the trail became a muddy slip-and-slide. In ideal weather, the views are supposed to be phenomenal, and in absolutely clear weather, one can view Anchorage and even Denali! On my hike, however, visibility was only a couple of miles at best. Thanks to a walking stick, I (mostly) kept my balance.  By hikes end, I was soaking wet and incredibly muddy.

This was a short post, but please, enjoy the photos.


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